Project Easy Button

2006 Land Rover LR3

Project Easy Button is one of the very first Overland Builds we did almost 7 years ago. It has been through many upgrades the years. It got its name Easy Button due to the reliability of the truck. She has 170K miles and is our primary family wagon going strong! If you have owned older Land Rovers you know that they are wonderful well-built machines but had some reliability issues pre-2006. The 2006-2009 Jaguar motored 4.4 V8s are some of the best engines Land Rover has ever put into a vehicle.

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LR3 Specs


  • 2.5 inch lift kit via lift rods


  • Rasta 4×4 rock slider
  • Tactical 4×4 rear bumper with integrated dual swing away carriers for spare tire and dual jerry cans


  • 275/65/18 NITTO Ridge Grapplers
  • Factory 18” LR3 wheels powder coated satin black
  • 100 watt permanently mounted solar panel to the hood of the LR3
  • Renogy Solar charge controller
  • National Luna dual battery system
  • Front Runner roof rack system
  • Front Runner Ladder
  • ARB awning
  • Front & Rear Lamp guards
  • ARB Fridge installed on custom made mount system
  • Mombasa roof top tent
  • 42” LED curved front light bar
  • 24” LED rear reverse light bar
  • Kenwood touch screen radio upgrade
  • Upgraded BlueSea panel for USB outlets and battery voltage in the rear cargo compartment
  • Hi-Lift jack mounted to Front Runner roof rack

We started off installing a Front Runner roof rack system, ladder and an ARB awning years ago. We then installed one of the first hidden winch systems on an LR3. Front and rear light guards went on and then the rock sliders. We installed one of the very first swing away full-size tire carriers on the back bumper. We spent time wiring up a Blue Sea panel in the rear for the ARB fridge. We were one of the very first James Baroud dealers in the US and installed the new (at the time) Grand Raid XXL hard shell roof top tent. We set up everything to work in conjunction with the South African Conqueror Safari Trailer. All this was in preparation for one of our best friends Mark and his wife Anne-Marie to travel to the Overland Expo West in 2014.

Fast forward a few years and I (Jason) kept bugging Mark about buying the truck and he finally let me buy it! It now has a National Luna dual battery system. It now rides on a 2.5” air suspension lift kit with 275/65/18 NITTO Ridge Grapplers. We are running a Mombasa Roof Top Tent. Lighting the way is a 42” LED curved light bar up front and a 20” LED rear back light bar. We have upgraded to the full Tactical Rovers steel rear bumper with integrated dual swing aways, one for the tire and the other for a pair of jerry cans. We opted for the steps on the side with some grip tape for better access to the roof. We have also added a 100 watt permanently mounted solar panel to the hood of the LR3 with a Renogy Solar charge controller. This is augmented with a Renogy Back Pack 100 watt portable solar panel for plenty of power for off grid trips. One of our favorite upgrades is the Kenwood touch screen radio upgrade with the modern Bluetooth for phones, navigation and music streaming!

The Easy Button LR3 has been at every Overland Expo East since the beginning. The next plans are to remove the hidden winch and install an ARB brush guard and install the newest CVT Tent when they come out!